RSS Ads, Coming Fast

Dave Morgan, CEO of Tacoda, thinks that RSS advertising is The Next Big Thing in online marketing:

This is big. Wilson’s blog is tiny, and his experiment is by no means scientifically and methodologically bulletproof. But it’s very likely to be directionally accurate. If the new RSS delivery, ad insertion, and tracking tools from companies such as FeedBurner and Syndicate IQ can work at this level, and as RSS usage continues to grow this will quickly become a big market. Traffic is already there. Ads are already there. Now, it appears, the tools are there as well.

This is a hot space to watch. It won’t be the next coming of search. It won’t even be the next coming of commercial e-mail or rich media. It will, however, become an important supplemental revenue stream to a lot of content owners and small publishers, particularly bloggers, where it’s quite common three-quarters or more of their audiences use RSS feeds, rather than the Web pages, to view content.

[via Steve Rubel]

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