Satellite Radio: Faster Adoption than Cell Phones?

From today’s Cool News of the Day:

XM Radio, — Sirus’s larger competitor — says “it added more than 540,000 subscribers” in the first quarter of this year. At that pace, predictions are that XM and Sirius together “will probably surpass eight million by the end of year, making satellite radio one of the fastest growing technologies ever — faster, for example, than cellphones.”

The article itself highlights satellite radio’s greatest challenge: the fact that Sirius and XM are asking people to pay “more than $100 annually for a product that has been free for 80 years.” It’s going to be difficult to change perceptions and ask consumers to add yet another subscription fee to their already growing list of monthly subscriptions.

So far, they’re doing it but I, for one, don’t spend enough time in the car to justify the hardware purchase and subscription. (Not to mention that during that time, I’m either listening to audiobooks or podcasts…).

1 thought on “Satellite Radio: Faster Adoption than Cell Phones?”

  1. I want to know how many of those subscribers are the people who get it automatically for a month or two with the new car, or the rental car. Satellite cuts out when driving under an overpass… unlike FM or AM. And the advertising drives me nuts (ok, the omnipresent station identifications). I KNOW I am listening to satellite, stop reminding me! I really cannot see this taking off with anyone who starts with an mp3 player.


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