Unified Gadgetry

For years, my opinion on unified wireless gadgets has been somewhat negative. When I say “unified” I’m really referring voice/PDA/email functionality in one device. The devices have all been too bulky and too limiting in their functionality.

Lately, I’m starting to lean in the other direction. Perhaps its because I find myself purchasing my clothing with my gadgets in mind or that I need a utility belt to go about my day.

I’ve been seriously considering a Treo 650, but after spending some time with a colleague’s device, I still don’t think I can deal with the size. So, I’ve been looking around.

Here’s what I want:


  • Qwerty Keyboard
  • Bluetooth
  • IMAP email
  • AIM Connectivity

…and the bugger has to run on a network with good coverage and an unlimited data plan.


I don’t really have a need to integrate PDA functionality since I store my calendar and contacts on my iPod.

I think I’ve found what I’m looking for in the Nokia 6820.


It looks like a standard Nokia candybar phone, but opens up to reveal a full Qwerty keyboard. It also has all the other features I’m looking for and it runs on the newly combined Cingular/AT&T network, so the coverage is a close second to Verizon.

The best part? It’ll have high WAF: they’re plentiful on eBay and can be purchased for under $200 – without a carrier contract.

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