Virgin Radio Podcast, “First”

Virgin Radio became the “first” UK radio station to offer a podcast of a daily radio show. How did they get around the music copyright issues? Simple: they just edited them out. So basically, you get to hear Pete and Geoff yacking it up without any tunes. The sell copy is quite good, though (even if it’s British…):

Every weekday, you can download the best of Pete and Geoff on the Virgin Radio Breakfast Show, direct to your media player. So now, you can enjoy Pete and Geoff at lunchtime, on the tube, or while driving home – the very best of Pete and Geoff whenever you like. Think of it as Sky+ for the internet, except in your pocket, and nothing to do with telly.

[via PSFK]

2 thoughts on “Virgin Radio Podcast, “First””

  1. Hi, James. Thanks for stopping by.My point was that the copy was well-done, but clearly written for a UK audience. (But I’m sure you knew that…)Anyway, it clearly promotes the time-shifting benefit of podcasts that you can’t get from real-time broadcast media.-jf.


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