Adam Curry & Co. Launch

Adam Curry, the “father of podcasting,” and his partner Ron Bloom have launched

For Podcasters: If you’re a serious podcast producer, PodShow wants you! We will help you produce, post, distribute and market your PodShow. Let us help you turn your passion into profit.

For Listeners: Forget reality TV… Forget Radio altogether! Let us help you program your daily dose of the best in comedy, entertainment and information. Its all yours for free.

For Advertisers: We can help you reach the most elusive target audiences on the planet. Learn about TargetCasting(R) and how it can help you reach your dream audience daily.

His 3/14 Daily Source Code podcast discusses their plans, at least at a high level.

He begins his overview of the business around 11 minutes into the 1 hour podcast.

In addition to aggregating links to podcasts in a directory format (a la Open Directory), the company will mimic a studio model, investing in content producers and probably co-owning the properties being produced. (I’m speculating, of course.)

He talks about each content producer also working with new talent to develop new podcast properties, sounding more like talent-scout-meets-multi-level-marketing.

Based on his discussions with Madison Avenue types, it appears that he’s looking at advertising as the means to support this model. Time will tell.


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