Getting Passionate Again

Kathy Sierra has a great post on getting passionate again. No, not amorous, but passionate about what you do every day. She shares her personal approach:

  1. Find a way to be around others who are passionate about the work you do.
  2. Attend conferences.
  3. Ask yourself, “What did I used to really love about this?” Remind yourself why you wanted to do this!
  4. Learn something new.

Most importantly, don’t let anyone stand in your way. Passionate people are often threatening (although I have no idea why) to those who aren’t so happy, and the threatened types can really f*** things up for you. It took me a long time to learn that lesson, especially because the threatened ones can often be the “wolf in sheep’s clothing”, offering you advice “out of concern” or trying to “not get your hopes up.” I try to be realistic, and know there are no guarantees, but for gods sakes, I intend to keep my hopes up. I’m certainly going to do better that way than if I have my hopes down, and it makes the journey a lot more exciting.

Thanks, Kathy!

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