Are you worth listening to?

Seth Godin turned me on to Photon from daikini software. From the Photon product page:

Smart, intuitive, and highly configurable, Daikini Photon gives you the power to manage your Movable Type™, TypePad™, Blojsom and WordPress photo-blogs in the familiar surrounds of Apple iPhoto.

Very cool. You’ll find more pictures here, soon.

But that’s not the really interesting part. The interesting part is his point about your relevance, particularly as blogs enter the equation:

Which leads to the same question we’ve always faced, and the one that makes so many knowledge workers nervous. “Are you saying anything worth listening to?”

When we strip away all the infrastructure and branding and organizational nonsense, it seems as though there are people who actually have something provocative or interesting or useful to say, and then there are those that want to be told what to do. The parallel publishing power of the web and blogs is making the division between these two groups ever more clear.

Which camp would you rather be in?

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