Brad Feld tells us about Blarketing, an idea whose time has come.

As you might have deduced the strange sounding word comes from “Blogging” and “Marketing.”

But Blarketing … is different. … Yeah – it’s promotion – but I’m proud of the work being done and I want the world to know. Blarketing is similar – I’m trying to tell you about real stuff that I think is good and worthwhile. If I stear you wrong and BS you, you’ll decide I’m full of crap and start ignoring me. So – there’s a built in governer on my behavior. I think this is broadly true for a medium like blogging – I get immediate feedback if I’m spewing out useless shit – and I know this – so I try to communicate relevant stuff, transparently, and with as much clarity and frankness as I can muster.

We’ll go through plenty of ups and downs along the way to using RSS / Blogging as an effective marketing medium. I’ve already seen a lot of new memes get propagated and I look forward to seeing some of these silly words take hold.

I’m not a big fan of the silly neologism, but I agree with the sentiment.

(via Searchviews)

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