Broadcast Email Provider: Who?

I’m searching for an outsourced “Broadcast Email” firm for a client.

The client’s needs are very specific which is why I purchased MarketingSherpa’s Buyer’s Guide to Email Broadcast Vendor’s: 2nd Edition as a reference.

That said, I’m interested in hearing opinions on some of the major firms, particularly those that can integrate with backend systems. Would anyone care to share their thoughts or experiences?

My current short list, based solely on brand awareness and not hard data, consists of:

  • Digital Impact
  • CheetahMail
  • Responsys
  • YesMail
  • Bigfoot

The MarketingSherpa report alone includes 51 of the major vendors and we all know there are many more. Any thoughts or personal experiences would be appreciated. You can send me an email directly or post in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Broadcast Email Provider: Who?”

  1. I’d encourage you to take a serious look at ExactTarget. ET is the only email broadcaster recognized as one of the Top 3 providers in the industry by Forrester, Gartner and Jupiter. Let me know if have any questions.


  2. Digital Impact was the best choice for this client. That’s what I recommended and that’s what they selected.It’s still in the implementation/integration phase, but we expect it to perform well for them.-jf.


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