So, you want to be a consultant…?

Or: Why work 8 hours/day for someone else when you can work 16 hours/day for yourself?

Here’s a relatively short but enlightened perspective on independent consulting by Steve Friedl, an IT consultant based in Tustin, California. It’s got an IT bent, but is relevant to anyone in a consultative role – independent or corporate.

Here are some gems, referred to by Steve as “Consulting Maxims“:

  • “‘Trust’ is your best job security”
  • “You are primarily in the customer service business, not the [insert your skills here] business”
  • “Detail is comforting to a customer”
  • “It’s a huge asset to communicate well — cultivate this skill vigorously”
  • “If you’re booked up solid, your rates are too low”
  • “Being known for your integrity is the Holy Grail of consulting”

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