Human Billboards Part Deux: The Cleavage Ad

You thought forehead advertising was interesting?


A “27 year old auburn-haired lass” in Glasgow, Scotland is taking one of her most attractive, uh, assets and turning into cash. The woman is auctioning the use of her cleavage for advertising to the highest bidder.


Here’s the text of the eBay auction:

Hi there. Like myself, and many others across the world, you’ve probably noticed a man on eBay is renting his forehead for 30 days, so you can put your logo on it. Well, now, you can do so in the UK.

No longer restricted to USA based advertising, you can now rent my CLEAVAGE for a period of 15 days, during which I will display your company logo, slogan or web-site address in the form of a temporary tattoo you will supply to me. I should probably give you some information on the whereabouts of this living billboard.

I currently live in the town of Greenock in west of Scotland. I’m often to be found in Glasgow or Edinburgh as well. I’m a 27 year old auburn-haired lass. I’m an ample size 42GG, and I usually wear low-cut tops. I am renting the top part of my cleavage (the part which is legal to display) for you to put your company’s logo upon.

During the 15 days, I can have photos taken of me, with your logo, in front of any of the popular landmarks in Glasgow, or our nation’s capital. The other auction, based in the US, has generated massive media interest around the world, and this auction will likely also generate such attention from UK media. Imagine the possibilities of getting your company logo displayed, FOR FREE on national media.

All I ask in return is that you supply the temporary tattoo, and that your logo be no larger than 9 inches wide, and 5 inches tall. Also, I cannot advertise any sectarian, or racial logos, slogans or URL’s which point to such sites. Also, if the content is of an ‘adult’ nature, it must be censored to ensure that it is legal to display in a public area. Logo content is at our discretion.

At the end of the 15 days, prints of the photos, (which can be e-mailed to you during the period) will be posted to you as a permanent souvenir. Don’t miss out on this massive novel media opportunity. If there are any questions or comment’s, please feel free to e-mail me at “”.

Thank you for reading, and Happy Bidding!

You can find the original eBay auction here. I have a feeling that eBay will take it down sooner than might be expected, so I created a PDF, found here.

The cost for this international advertising opportunity? 422 pounds (almost $796 U.S. dollars). Not surprisingly, the winning bidder is an online casino.

What does this say about the future of advertising? Branding? Media? Are we going to see full-body wraps, a la Free Cars?

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