New Medium for an Old Business

Seth Godin ponders whether high-end research reports can be sold online through traditional ecommerce channels, particularly in formats that are usually free. (In this case, PDF.)

This makes me wonder: is there a market for selling this content in another format? For instance, audiobooks. In case you haven’t figured it out from my previous posts, I love ’em, particularly downloadable audiobooks from Audible.

Would busy executives be interested in downloading spoken word versions of recent research reports, to review while commuting or travelling? Of course, you’d have to provide a way for this audience to retrieve the diagrams and other supporting pretty pictures that make these reports compelling. However, given the controlled DRM of the Audible file format, I think the idea might have some merit.

Or, this could just be an instance where I’m blogging before having a sufficient amount of caffeine in the morning…

Regardless I’d love some feedback on this. Could it work? Would you like this kind of content in spoken word format?

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