Live Macworld SF Keynote Blogging

I’m on the hunt for some live blogging of Steve Jobs’ Macworld Keynote today.

So far I’ve found:

If you have any others, please share.

Update: Susanna King pointed me to Greg Walker’s listing of IRC channels where you can get real-time coverage of the keynote.

Update 2: The Mac Observer has set up a page on a secondary server to handle the load.

Update 3: The TMO site is hosed and slashnet is just groaning from the onslaught of people attempting to connect to the MacMerc IRC channels.

Update 4: The Apple Blog seems to have consistent coverage.

3 thoughts on “Live Macworld SF Keynote Blogging”

  1. Thanks for the link. I’ll add it to the list.The fact that Apple would try to limit real-time communication with the rest of the world during the keynote doesn’t surprise me. However, I don’t see them actually able to accomplish it.Unless they’ve instituted some kind of RF jamming, they’re not going to be able to stop people with wireless devices from blogging via email, mobile web clients or IRC. Confiscating attendee’s gadgets would be next to impossible (not to mention a liability).


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