I’ve been watching the news reports on U.S. network television and frankly, I’m appalled at the coverage of the Tsunami.

I mean, following the fall of the Trade Center, there wasn’t even advertising on television – television execs thought it would be inappropriate to be “commercial“. Yet, this is probably the most disastrous natural occurrence in known history and our national media is covering it alongside choruses of Auld Lang Syne and ads for the iPod.

The real kicker is that the U.S. State Department has the gall to comment on the “12 Americans believed to be lost in the Tsunami.” Who cares how many Americans were lost!? More than 70,000 people are dead and they have to release a statement about 12 Americans?

I’m sure it’s painful for the loved ones of those 12 people, but show some sensitivity to the rest of the world, please.

I’m not normally a critic of america (Well, except for the Shrub…) and I think that the negative American sentiment amongst members of the international community is generally unfounded, but based on our media’s behavior in this situation I could see why people might become disgusted with Americans.

Show some tact!

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