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Selection of Work


The Event Tech Podcast

Learn about the technologies that are changing the event industry every week on The Event Tech Podcast, hosted by John Federico of EventHero. Hear from Event Professionals using technology to plan, market and produce events of all types and sizes; industry experts and; the vendors themselves - all served up as both audio or video on your favorite service. The podcast is currently on hiatus.


Close The Loop

While EventHero worked with events of all types and sizes, the Company's focus is on helping enterprises produce roadshows and corporate conferences. EventHero's unique technology make it ideal for events where the people in attendance are prospects, customers, partners or influencers and provided tools to monitor the event in real-time, capture insights and generally measure event ROI.

This eBook, authored by me, was produced as a demand generation and lead capture tool.

Eventbrite Superpowers Revealed!

Eventbrite Superpowers Revealed

Through EventHero's partner program and API, the Company integrates with dozens of event registration systems to provide on-site event management software. The vast majority of EventHero customers used Eventbrite as their registration system.

As part of a co-marketing program, this is a book authored by me as a demand generation and lead capture tool - but with a twist: the book's forward was written by Eventbrite's VP of Marketing while paid media was used to support the book, secured by Eventbrite.


Webinar: Looking forward to Nothing

Nothing is a concept for providing on-site event management services with zero-interface technologies. This webinar covers many examples that are in development by EventHero and others. This webinar was produced in partnership with etouches, an EventHero registration partner.