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Why did Twitter partner with PhotoBucket? iOS 5.

Twitter has gotten into the photo sharing game, but not on their own - they've partnered with PhotoBucket.

Apple's WWDC Keynote (which is happening as I write this) tells us why: Twitter is going to be heavily integrated with Apple's iOS 5, the operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Having worked with for a company that was (and still is) an Apple partner, I can tell you that it probably went down like this:

"Hi, Twitter? Yeah, this is Apple calling. We want to integrate Twitter pretty deeply into iOS 5. You cool with that? Oh yeah, and we're going to announce it next month."

In the interest of secrecy, Apple likely waited as long as they could before contacting Twitter. Once the company understood the time horizon for getting into the photo sharing game, they most likely decided to partner in order to meet the WWDC deadline.

The details of how it really happened will surely surface over the coming months but I'll bet that's how it happened.

Dec202010 Delicious for the Twitter Era

I'm as nostalgic about the "sunsetting" of Delicious as anyone. Delicious was a staple for me back in the early 00's when I used it as a way to share links with my friends, post the links I found to my blog and even do show prep for my digital media podcast.

So what happened?


Sharing links via Twitter  is just so much more natural for me and with social syndication services like FriendFeed,, etc. links were easily shareable everywhere - except Delicious. As a result, I simply just stopped using Delicious. That said, there's one aspect of Delicious that I miss: a searchable database of all the links that I share.

But no longer, thanks to

Connect to Twitter or Facebook and it will automatically grab those tweets or status updates that you share that contain links and save them for you on in your account. For those of you who are packign up and leaving Delicious for greener pastures, there's even a way to import your delicious bookmarks.

From there, finding something you've shared is as easy as typing it into the search box.

Search is a bit slow right now, but it works. This is most likely due to the number of new accounts and link indexing that is performing at the moment. My guess is that it will improve over time.



Today's Tweets


12:35am, Feb 11 
Hulu. On the iPad. Without Flash. [iPad Video]

12:24am, Feb 11 
Coasts Getting T-Mobile's Super Speedy HSPA+ First [Tmobile]

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Warner Music Doesn't Much Care For This "Free Internet Music" [Music]

11:50pm, Feb 10 
Now Taking Your Dog For a Walk Helps You Save on Flashlight Batteries [Pets]

11:40pm, Feb 10 
Waterfield Designs Introduces iPad Cases [Apple iPad]

11:25pm, Feb 10 
Opera Mini for iPhone to be revealed next week, available never

11:20pm, Feb 10 
Solar flares set to wreak havoc on GPS signals

11:07pm, Feb 10 
Hello Rewind transforms old shirts into swank laptop sleeves, helps humanity

10:00pm, Feb 10 
iPad Text Correction Features (via @chrispirillo) [iPhone SDK]

8:10pm, Feb 10 from Tweetie
@jchybinski Thanks! But it doesn't load automatically based on the iPhone user agent.

7:17pm, Feb 10 from Tweetie
The snow cover is higher than my dog is tall. Now what? #snowmageddon

7:11pm, Feb 10 from FriendFeed
News: Opera to show Mini browser for iPhone

7:11pm, Feb 10 from Tweetie
I'm surprised that iLounge doesn't have an iPhone-optimized version of their site.

7:02pm, Feb 10 
Google Plans to Build Ultra High-Speed Broadband Networks

7:01pm, Feb 10 
WSJ: Iran Says It Will Permanently Shut Down Google Email Services in the Country

5:43pm, Feb 10 
RT @loic: Eating cooked tomatoes 2x a week reduces men prostate cancer 50% #ted

11:13am, Feb 10 
@Brian_McGough Thanks, Brian. Seems like Google Apps always get new features last...

10:57am, Feb 10 from Tweetie
Looks like Google Apps Mail doesn't have Buzz support? #googlebuzz



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5:33pm, Feb 07 from HootSuite
Exploring the Apple iPad and Tablet Computing
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Handgun Fires Only When In Proximity To Owner’s Watch
2:17pm, Feb 07 from FriendFeed
AppFund Launches to Fund iPad App Development [VC]
2:15pm, Feb 07 from HootSuite
Wearable System Allows Robots To Mimic Human Actions
2:10pm, Feb 07 from HootSuite
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Facebook Turns Its Photo Uploader into a Plug-in
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The Future Journalist: Thoughts from Two Generations
1:25pm, Feb 07 from HootSuite
Bookbook: Hardback Leather Case for MacBook
1:20pm, Feb 07 from HootSuite
Watch the Super Bowl Ads on YouTube [VIDEO]
1:20pm, Feb 07 from HootSuite
Google's Super Bowl Ad: Hell Freezes Over?
1:15pm, Feb 07 from HootSuite
Helping rental companies take their business online
1:10pm, Feb 07 from HootSuite
British Library to Offer 65,000 Free eBooks
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How to Advertise on Facebook in 10 Minutes or Less
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Trust in Media Down, Good News for Experts
12:45pm, Feb 07 from HootSuite
As Amazon Quietly Resumes Selling Macmillan Titles, eBooks Remain AWOL [Ebooks]
12:18pm, Feb 07 from HootSuite
AppFund Launches to Fund iPad App Development
1:45am, Feb 07 from HootSuite
TinyChat Upgrade Brings Etherpad, Whiteboard And YouTube Integrations
1:40am, Feb 07 from HootSuite
Amazon Says No To Blippy
1:35am, Feb 07 from HootSuite Create Short URLs With Your Own Domain
1:30am, Feb 07 from HootSuite
Nearly 20% Of Marketing Emails Fail To Arrive
1:25am, Feb 07 from HootSuite
Ways to Get Fresh Links to Old Content for Better Search Rankings
1:12am, Feb 07 from HootSuite
178 Million Americans Watched 33 Billion Online Videos in a Month
1:11am, Feb 07 from HootSuite
Global Email Delivery Rates – By Region And ISP
1:10am, Feb 07 from HootSuite
Number of Broadband Subscribers Worldwide
5:48pm, Feb 06 from HootSuite
Charlie Rose Talks with Walt Mossberg, David Carr and Mike Arrington About iPad
3:28pm, Feb 06 from FriendFeed
What Rupert Murdoch Still Doesn’t Get About the Internet

Did You Know? You Should.


I just can't quit you, iPhone.

As I've mentioned in the past, I have a love/hate relationship with my iPhone. I love the usability, the applications, the ease in which it connects to Gmail, Google Calendar, Exchange and even the way it feels in my hand.

But I'm intensely frustrated by the short battery life.

It sucks and I'm not the first to complain about it. The poor battery life has created something of a market opportunity for a number of companies as there numerous products that have cropped up to juice up your iPhone on-the-go like the Mophie Juice Pack, the iPWR Superpack, the Kensington Mini Battery Extender and my favorite, the FastMac iV, among others.

I didn't want to have to lug around yet another piece of kit so this past week, I decided to take drastic measures and go back to the BlackBerry, specifically a BlackBerry Bold. I bought a used one on eBay for a reasonable price and when it arrived yesterday and I opened the box, it was like reuniting with a long lost friend. That is, until I attempted to actually use it.

Setting up the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) for email was a complete disaster. Apparently, Microsoft made some changes to Hotmail/Windows Live Mail recently that required BlackBerry customers to login and reset their accounts before they could continue to use their devices with the Microsoft services. It wasn't until late last night that I was able to set up my Gmail account via IMAP. Or so I thought.

See, BIS doesn't actually implement IMAP the way it's intended. IMAP is supposed to be a synchronous mail protocol that allows you to store your mail on the server while storing a copy of it on your client. Changes on the server are reflected on the client and vice versa. BIS retrieves your mail and delivers it to your BlackBerry and let's you read, respond to and delete mail while having those changes reflected on the server. Working with your inbox on your desktop is another story.

If you read, respond to or delete mail from your inbox using a desktop client or web browser (Gmail in my case) the changes are not reflected on the BlackBerry. Effectively, you are now managing two inboxes. I posit that Research in Motion (RIM), the company that makes the devices, doesn't want to fully implement IMAP into BIS as it could cut into sales of their BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES).

Having already started down this path, I decided to continue. I remembered that BlackBerry got in bed with Yahoo a few years ago allowing Yahoo to implement fully synchronous mailboxes. I forwarded my primary email address to my ol' Yahoo Mail address and adjusted my desktop workflow accordingly. This actually worked fine - I used this setup when I had my last BlackBerry a few years ago. (Tip: it's worth every penny to sign up for Yahoo Mail Plus and get rid of the ridiculous, untargeted and highly annoying ads.)

Next, I installed Google Sync so that I could keep my Google Calendar and Google Contacts in sync with my BlackBerry. It was simple to install and sync'd properly on the first try. I did the same using Remember the Milk for BlackBerry. This was also simple to install but managing tasks using the default BlackBerry application is horrible. The interface just isn't meant to facilitate the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology.

What else? Twitter, of course! I had heard about a great BlackBerry Twitter client called TweetGenius and immediately dropped $4.99 for a license. It was well worth it as any of the other clients that are available are pretty basic (though I'm judging them against Tweetie and Twitteriffic on the iPhone which probably isn't fair).

Finally, I decided to take a stroll through BlackBerry AppWorld. It's quite limited compared to the iTunes App Store but I found a few gems. Qik for BlackBerry is awesome (and doesn't require that you jailbreak your phone to use it). Viigo is a great kitchen sink type application that lets you read RSS feeds, check the weather, find local businesses and bunch of other stuff.

With that all wrapped up this morning, I went about my day. At 3:00 PM, all seemed to be fine. I had been running on the same battery charge for more than 24 hours and still had 70% left - and this was after heavy usage performing software installations, setting things up, etc.

Then, in my mind, it all came grinding to a halt. Google Sync proceeded to add duplicate entries to my BlackBerry calendar each time it sync'd. I then realized that I would have to upload or sync all my contacts to Yahoo Mail in order to have easy access to them. And finally, I discovered that the new and improved Bold browser didn't display the advance version of Google Reader. (Which was my own fault for not testing it beforehand...).

That was it. After less than 48 hours, I pulled the plug on this grand experiment.

The BlackBerry is a great device, but switching required me to change too many things in my daily workflow. I'm pretty much wedded to the Google Apps - especially Gmail - and had a difficult time giving it up for Yahoo Mail. I didn't want to deal with my calendar syncing problems nor manage my tasks in the pathetic BlackBerry Task List - I just wanted everything to work. Right now.

A relatively quick phone call to AT&T support and swap of my SIM card and I was back using my iPhone. This evening I even purchased a FastMac iV External Battery Pack.

My BlackBerry Bold will make someone else very happy when they win the upcoming eBay auction.


AAOTD: Twitter Followers for Sale

Nothing sullies authentic person-to-person communication more than money.

Click to Enlarge



AAOTD: "We don't do brand development, that's for sure."

Here's today's AdSense Ad of the Day. What do you get when you combine twitter and strategy? 'nuff said...


Do you change your avatar?

A little social media minutiae for you today.

Lee Odden got me thinking about avatars. You know - those little images that represent you all over your social media profiles?

Do you have a single image that represents you everywhere? Do you have different ones? Do you change them frequently?

Let me pose a question to you: if you ran marketing for Coca-Cola, would you change your logo every other week? No, of course you wouldn't. You want people to recognize you wherever they happen to encounter you. Coke's brand imagery is iconic, recognizable anywhere you are in the world, regardless of whether or not the local language is your native tongue.

With that in mind, why would you regularly change your avatar? Your avatar is the equivalent of your logo, your visual identity online. It's a way for people to instantly recognize you.

I've had my headshot illustration for a couple of years now and use it everywhere.


When I meet people for the first time in meatspace, they sometimes mention it because it's not a common method of portraying oneself. I include it wherever I can, even with my bio in conference programs. It's not your typical headshot and can be a great icebreaker.

So, do you change your avatar? Take the poll or leave a comment.