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New Gmail Interface for iPhone

This morning, I discovered a new Gmail interface on the iPhone.

At the top, you'll now find links to your other Google Apps (Calendar, Docs, Talk, etc.).

But they're not just simple links, tap one and pull down and boom - you've got pretty icons to help direct you to the proper app.


How to Get Five Bars on Your iPhone All Over Your House

If you have an iPhone in the U.S., you won't be surprised to hear this: I love my iPhone but I'm not exactly happy with the AT&T Wireless network.

While it's an inconvenience to be out-and-about in New York City or San Francisco and not have cellular service, it's actually more of an inconvenience to be unable to receive calls when I'm in my home or office. I'm tired of the dropped calls and continually asking folks if I can call them right back from a landline (though the "landline" is usually Skype).

I finally decided to bite the proverbial bullet and go to my local AT&T Wireless Store to investigate the 3G Microcell. This is a device that you connect to your broadband internet connection and it acts like a mini cell tower in your home. According to the documentation it covers approximately 5,000 square feet.

I'd heard there was some special offer that mitigated a lot of the discomfort of paying for hardware to improve the service I already pay for. You can't learn about those offers online, though. For whatever reason, AT&T wants you to visit a retail store to learn more and complete the transaction.

Sure enough, the Microcell ended up costing me only $50 while my monthly bill remains the same. Here's the deal. 

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[Review] Interdealz Mini Microphone for iPhone/iPod

In my quest for a directional mic for my iPhone 3GS I was asked to review the Interdealz Mini Microphone. Full review is on Video is below.

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Google Earth on my iPhone

My NeighborhoodEven on an original iPhone, the accuracy of Google Earth is astounding - and I have terrible AT&T coverage in my home. Let's just say if you were the blue dot, you could ping my house with a pebble.