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eBags Customer Support ROCKS

After having been podcasting in earnest for awhile, in December 2006 I found that I needed a bigger bag for all my gear.

Since I had just invested in a bunch of audio equipment, I knew that My Management would kill me if I bought some overpriced laptop bag, so I did a little research and found the Firewall Laptop Bag from eBags. Part of their line of private-labeled bags, it's of their own design and creation and it had received lots of positive reviews.

The positive reviews - coupled with the 20% off coupon they sent me by email - prompted me to take the plunge.

The bag is great. It's large enough to fit all my audio gear, laptop, moleskine, files, etc. and it's really tough. At the time, I was using a 15" PowerBook and it fit perfectly in the laptop slot.

As my job responsibilities changed and I began traveling less, I switched to a smaller bag for about a year. Now that I'm again traveling frequently, I switched back using the Firewall bag.

After about a week of using it again, I inserted my 13" MacBook, zipped it up and...the seam on the zipper ripped from the surrounding cloth.

I was a little miffed by the whole thing but then I remembered that the bag has a Lifetime Warranty. I'm always a little skeptical of these types of warranties, but the product page on says "Our Promise - Lifetime Warranty -Exchange, return, whatever it takes" so I called their customer service folks.

After informing them of my plight, I was told that someone from their returns department would be calling me back. That was last Friday.

Today, unexpectedly and without a phone call from eBags, the UPS guy rang the doorbell and delivered a brand new replacement bag.

Wow. Now that's customer service. Of course, they were probably hoping that someone like me would post something like this and frankly, they deserve it.

I think it's sufficient to say that I will continue to be an eBags customer.

If you're in the market for a laptop bag, backpack or whatever, be sure to check out their private-labeled bags.