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iOS 5 Install Notes for iPhone 4

I've been installing iOS 5 since about 10 PM. The download went faster than expected (about 45 minutes).

Here are some of my notes.

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An iPhone SLR Mount is here - and it's no joke

I've often said that the best camera I own is my iPhone 4 except for the fact that it lacks an optical zoom lens. But I don't want an SLR. The size, weight and cost make this class of camera an unattractive option for me.

Now, it looks like I can have the best of both worlds. Sort of.

Photojojo has released their iPhone SLR Mount for use with Nikon or Canon EOS lenses allowing you to add not only a simple optical zoom, but enabling you to take your photos to an entirely new level.

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Experiments in Minimalism and New Thinking 

Look at this beautiful iPhone 4 leather wallet. Just look at.

Let me tell you why I got one.

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Satarii Star: Like having a camera operator in your pocket

So, you're one of those people who likes to shoot video of yourself and post it to YouTube or maybe your blog. Or, you might be producing video interviews with clients of your company. Or, maybe you're a journalist without a camera man. Or, maybe you want to use FaceTime on your iPhone 4 while you're moving about the kitchen.

Ok. Maybe you don't fit into any of these profiles but like many of us, you've probably grown tired of having a camera with a fixed location and the confinement it requires in order to get a good shot on your pocket video camera.

If you own an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, Flip, Kodak Zi8, Android phone or (insert video recording gadget here) then you'll love this product from startup Satarii. (Keep reading to see it in action)

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Pre-Order The Glif: A Versatile iPhone 4 Tripod and More

Contribute $20 or more to this Kickstarter project and receive The Glif as soon as they're available (includes U.S. shipping!). Video below.

Glif Montage from Glif on Vimeo.



Grove Demonstrates Great Use of the Facebook 'Like' Button

Grove, an Oregon-based maker of gorgeous bamboo cases for the Apple iPhone, demonstrates an excellent use of the Facebook "Like" button.

Rather than simply enabling customers to express their love for the company, Grove has implemented the Like button for each product.

I found them via the Twitter @earlybird service. Use the code EARLYBIRD at checkout and receive 25% off of their iPhone 4 cases. (Today only.)

[Grove Bamboo Cases for iPhone 4]



How to Make an iPhone 4 Tripod

[via What I See Now]