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Grove Demonstrates Great Use of the Facebook 'Like' Button

Grove, an Oregon-based maker of gorgeous bamboo cases for the Apple iPhone, demonstrates an excellent use of the Facebook "Like" button.

Rather than simply enabling customers to express their love for the company, Grove has implemented the Like button for each product.

I found them via the Twitter @earlybird service. Use the code EARLYBIRD at checkout and receive 25% off of their iPhone 4 cases. (Today only.)

[Grove Bamboo Cases for iPhone 4]



[Review] Interdealz Mini Microphone for iPhone/iPod

In my quest for a directional mic for my iPhone 3GS I was asked to review the Interdealz Mini Microphone. Full review is on Video is below.

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Review: Custom Video Mic for the iPhone 3GS

Wanting better audio quality from the videos that my iPhone 3GS can capture, I had Giant Squid Audio Lab make me a microphone using the 4-pole connector that the iPhone uses.