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Sparrow for iPhone: No Push? No Problem.

Sparrow for iPhone was released yesterday and by all counts (including my own) it's great.

The one complaint that some people seem to have is that it doesn't support Push Email. I've rarely used the Push Email feature in the iPhone mail client due to the major suckage of power from the battery.

However, that doesn't mean that I don't want to be notified of new email.

I use Google Apps Mail (Gmail with my own domain name) and the connection to that service is plain ol' IMAP. Built into the technical standard for IMAP is something called IMAP IDLE mode.

Basically, if your mail client supports this feature of IMAP, you'll receive notifications when you have new mail. Of course, the iPhone Mail app doesn't offer this (and neither does Sparrow) but that's OK: for a couple of bucks, you can purchase a third-party app that can do this for you.

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New Gmail Interface for iPhone

This morning, I discovered a new Gmail interface on the iPhone.

At the top, you'll now find links to your other Google Apps (Calendar, Docs, Talk, etc.).

But they're not just simple links, tap one and pull down and boom - you've got pretty icons to help direct you to the proper app.


Gmail as Spam Filter...and now, Disaster Recovery Tool

A couple of months ago, I began using Gmail as a spam filter. Today, I discovered another use for it: disaster recovery for email. (Well, at least on a personal level...)

I've used a mail & shell account since 1995. Other than a few rare exceptions over the years, their uptime and availability are incredible.

Today is another one of those rare exceptions.

Panix mail is down. Normally, I would freak out over this but since I'm forwarding all of my mail to my Gmail account before it goes to Panix, I still have a method of accessing it.

Thanks, Google.

UPDATE: Looks like Panix is back up. Mail is starting to trickle into my desktop mail client.