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DIY QR Code Pet Tags

After seventeen years of being a one-dog household, we decided to double our dog ownership.

We adopted a ten-year old chocolate Cocker Spaniel named Oreo whose owner was moving from a house to an apartment and couldn't take him. Given our history with rescue dogs, we know that it's typical for older dogs to be passed over for adoption since most families want younger dogs or puppies.

We didn't want to see him spend the rest of his life in a foster home (or worse) so we decided to welcome him to our family. He's a great dog and gets along well with our Lucy, a four-year old, black and white, parti-colored Cocker Spaniel.

Oreo has a microchip but we don't know who the vendor is, so we can't find the registry. That means that the old guy definitely needed new dog tags.

I started poking around the Interwebs and found a few interesting things.

You can get pet tags with QR codes!

Unlike many of the silly uses of QR codes that I see, this is a brilliant use of the technology: find a pet, scan the QR code on its tag and find out all about them including their owner's name and address, eating habits, favorite activities, medical history - the works.

One thing really bugged me, though: the only QR code pet tag solution I could find is managed by one company: PetHub. I tried creating profiles for both of our dogs but I found the service slow and buggy.

Plus, as a person who calls himself "half-geek, on my mother's side," I knew I could do better, so I did. ;)

Here's how.

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AdSense Ad of the Day

This isn't the first time I've posted interesting or funny AdSense ads, but it is the first time I've thought to name/categorize them. So here it is: AAOTD.

I've had a few dog-related posts here since we lost Oliver and recently adopted Lucy, so AdSense ads for dog-related products and services are expected. However, I never knew there was a web site (nor a planet) dedicated to urine. ;)

The ad is probably effective, but their brand could be a little more appealing. I wonder if the web site is yellow? Gotta go check that out...


Cameras make Lucy nervous


Meet Lucy

Last week, I went to visit some of the dogs at Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue in Flushing, NY. If you love Cocker Spaniels as much as they do and are looking for a canine friend, please give them a call. You can see what dogs they have available on

While I was there, I was lucky to find Lucy and even luckier that she decided she wanted to come home with me. ;)

She was dropped-off today by a volunteer around 11 AM after having had been spayed on Tuesday. Between the surgery and the change of environments, she was scared. After a few hours, she calmed down and started to explore her new home.

Lucy's Story

The Rescue indicated that on January 3rd, Lucy was surrendered by her owner when he learned that his bank would foreclose on his home. She was never housebroken, but did live with and lovingly tolerate a 3-year-old boy.

The owner indicated that Lucy never had pups, but it appears to my wife and me that she's nursed. We'll never know without a full exam by a vet.

That said, we don't really care - just as long as she's healthy. (Which she is.)

Challenges Ahead

Lucy is a dog that needs to learn how to be a dog again. After a year and a half of relieving herself in the house, she's not too sure what she's supposed to do. Couple that with her submissive urination and it's going to take some time to get her housebroken.

A Sweet Girl

After only a few hours, Lucy has started to trust us. She's started playing fetch, she gives kisses, and after dinner tonight she unexpectedly jumped into my lap - she's very loving and patient with all of us. Once we overcome her housebreaking challenges, she's going to be a blessing to this family. We're glad to give this beautiful little girl a loving home.

You can see more of Lucy here.



Gone, but never forgotten


April 4, 1994 - October 12, 2008

UPDATE: This thoughtful email was written by wife earlier today:

Dear family and friends,

It is with very heavy hearts that we share the news of Oliver’s passing as a wise, old sage at 101.

Oliver came into our lives in the form of an 11 pound, fluffy, spirited engagement gift and sealed John and I as a family long before we spoke our wedding vows.

Oliver was unique, truly one of a kind and here are just a very few of the special reasons why.  Oliver didn’t lick ice cream off the cone, he bit it off.  He loved Pete’s Wicked Ale, cantaloupe, would choose rice pudding over filet mignon and was always able to identify who in the room would give him the best shot at what he desired (you know who you are).  We would throw one hundred tennis balls, he’d chase everyone as if it were the first or his last, often going air born but he never, ever brought them back.  Needless to say our yard perpetually looked like Wimbledon or as if the Easter Bunny had just departed.  He barked at the background sounds in TV shows and movies…you’ve really no idea how hard those sound folks work to make the scene look and sound realistic!  He sighed loudly if we stayed up too late and he was ready for bed.   His short little tail never stopped wagging and if he were overly excited he could actually wag himself right off his feet. He relished walks on the beach even though he was always a bit timid of the surf and adored his hikes in the park and reservation…soooo many good smells. He was stoic and brave. Ollie was a lover, never short of kisses and he 'spoonsied' like the best. He loved his belly kissed and his ears rubbed and we’re certain he considered himself a person, not a dog.

After 8 years as an “only child” he graciously welcomed Jack and took on the duty of protector and big brother as Jack’s puppy.  He accepted the new and awkward walk routine with a stroller and was with me/us every step of the way with our new child.  He took to sneaking into Jack’s room (we would hear the creak of the door on the baby monitor) and he chose to sleep on the floor next to the crib rather than in his own down filled bed.  Even during the toddler years, with middle-age upon him, he showed the patience of a saint…never a snap, a snarl or disdainful look but rather always grace and love shone through for his family, even the newest, tail-tugging member.

As Oliver’s freckles faded over the years he never lost the spirit of a puppy and when we shared his age with people in the park or on walks they were always shocked to hear that he was 14 years and not 14months. 

What I will miss most about him are his big, brown soulful eyes, soft ears and belly, snuggles, his sweet smell (even his “low tide” breath) and how he helped me to slow down and take in the moment.  Ollie and I have shared miles and miles of walks over the years both in Hoboken and Maplewood where we’ve resided but also in the other places we’ve traveled.  As our miles, became blocks - and this past Spring our blocks became simply a walk around our own block - I discovered many a Georgia O’Keefe sky, the sounds of our neighborhood and the beauty and nature surrounding me.  Oliver gave me the priceless gift of his love and showed me how to slow down long enough to actually feel myself breathe and to take the time to relish the joys and blessings that life has presented to me and our family.  Thank you Ollie Bubba.

Our hearts ache terribly, we will miss him daily but feel truly blessed and honored that he chose to share his very special self with us.  For those of you that touched Ollie’s life and were equally touched by his we thank you for your love and support during this sad time.

Love, D, John and Jack