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Steve Jobs is gone. Why am I so upset?!

Steve Jobs is gone.

He's a guy I never knew. I bought computers and gadgets from a company he founded. He wasn't family, a close friend or even an acquaintance.

So why the hell am I so upset?!

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Things You Can't Do When The Power Goes Out 

After experiencing a loss of power (and fresh water) due to Hurricane Irene and now the sudden loss of power due to a storm this afternoon, I have begun to realize how much of my life revolves around electricity.
So, as I sit here trying to get things done (and can't) I decided to compile this list. Feel free to contribute in the comments or on Google+. (Have you Circled me on Google+ yet?)
Things You Can't Do When The Power Goes Out
  • Grind coffee beans
  • Make an espresso
  • Play Glitch
  • Book a flight
  • Book a hotel (Sure, I could do this by phone, but my phones are all cordless! Ditto for the flight.)
  • Read RSS feeds
  • Use Skype
  • Watch cat videos
  • Watch live video streams
  • Participate in a Google Hangout
  • Tweet
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Kindle "Enhanced eBook" FAIL

I just purchased a "Kindle eBook with Audio & Video" for the iPad and every frame of the introductory video looks like this:

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Tok to me


Try Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband for Occasional 3G Data Usage

Nice, eh?For the past two years I've been using Verizon Mobile Broadband and while it works great most of the time, I don't use it often enough to justify the monthly fee (~ $60). So, when my contract was up, I decided to explore my options. Here's what I found.

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Spotify Giving Invites to Existing Users

This popped up in Spotify ealier this week. If you want an invite, let me know in the comments or send a tweet to @gadgetboy.

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Awesome Star Wars Themed 404 Page from GitHub

Found this today when I followed a bad link to Love it.

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Mixlr Adds Support for SoundCloud, AudioBoo, MixCloud and Dropbox 

Mixlr, the company that brought the simplicity of web video streaming to audio, has just announced integration with the biggest audio sharing services on the web.

You'll now be able to export your captured live streams to SoundCloud, AudioBoo, MixCloud and Dropbox. (OK, Dropbox isn't just an audio sharing service, but being able to export to Dropbox makes for a nice, simple production workflow.)

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Collaborative Cloud Storage Service Box takes Marketing to the Mail, Old School Style

I guess Box had to do something with the $48 million dollars they raised in February and that something is customer aquisition.

Nothing says "Serious Customer Aquisition Campaign" like direct mail. And travel pillows. ;)

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Amazon Adjusts to New App Store Rules with Clever Marketing

Apple has been asserting control of its App Store rules by asking app developer to remove the "purchase" buttons for third-party stores in certain apps. The most obvious ones impacted by this have been the Google Books and Kindle apps.

Last night, I discovered a bit of clever marketing on Amazon's part in response to this change.

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