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Things You Can't Do When The Power Goes Out 

After experiencing a loss of power (and fresh water) due to Hurricane Irene and now the sudden loss of power due to a storm this afternoon, I have begun to realize how much of my life revolves around electricity.
So, as I sit here trying to get things done (and can't) I decided to compile this list. Feel free to contribute in the comments or on Google+. (Have you Circled me on Google+ yet?)
Things You Can't Do When The Power Goes Out
  • Grind coffee beans
  • Make an espresso
  • Play Glitch
  • Book a flight
  • Book a hotel (Sure, I could do this by phone, but my phones are all cordless! Ditto for the flight.)
  • Read RSS feeds
  • Use Skype
  • Watch cat videos
  • Watch live video streams
  • Participate in a Google Hangout
  • Tweet
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Check web site stats
  • Catch up on TV shows via NetFlix
  • Look for images to use in a presentation
  • Check Google Calendar
  • Charge your iPhone (Or laptop. Or iPad. Or any other gadget you rely upon.)
  • Listen to music on Spotify
  • Stream movies to your Apple TV (locally or otherwise)
  • Get a new eBook (exception: 3G eReaders. If you have coverage.)
  • See how $AAPL is doing
  • Read TechCrunch
  • Play Portal
  • Pump the rain water from the basement (This one hurts. Bucket anyone?)
  • Microwave leftovers
  • Remove spam comments from your blog
  • Register for a conference
  • Post a project on 99 Designs
  • Speak with clients
  • Cool the place down with an air conditioner
  • Play Words with Friends
  • Videoconference
  • Sync your Evernote database between devices
  • Grab stuff from Dropbox
  • Post a video on YouTube
  • Write a proposal
  • Follow-up (on anything)
  • Move this list from my laptop to my iPhone (unless I want to retype it)
  • Check the weather
  • Complete an expense report using Expensify
  • Send invoices using Freshbooks
  • Find new Podiobooks
  • Write a book review on Amazon
  • Perform research online
  • Send an email to a mailing list using MailChimp
  • Clean up the DVR
  • Google anything
  • Find an answer on Quora
  • Drive to the store (The traffic lights are out!) 
  • Blog
  • Wash clothes
  • Dry clothes (There's not enough room to air dry everything)
  • Figure out that actor's name on imdb
  • Look something up on Wikipedia
  • Watch the last episode of Dancing with the Stars (Yes. I admit it.)
  • Rehearse the timing of slides for a presentation
  • Record a podcast
  • Post a podcast
  • Use the new Real-Times Stats in Google Analytics
  • Thank someone via email
  • Get a phone number from Highrise
  • Add a Story to PivotalTracker
  • Share UI designs for feedback
  • Order takeout
  • Charge a flashlight (Oops. Should have kept that plugged in.)
  • Read Daring Fireball
  • Make a QR code
  • Update iPhone apps in iTunes
  • Sync an i-Thing (Why does iTunes request access to the iTunes Store when trying to sync?)
  • Install the latest iOS5 beta
  • Make icons in Opacity
  • Buy Google AdWords
  • Check the status of an AdWords campaign
  • Create and distribute a survey
  • Add to this list on Google+
What'd I miss?

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