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Mixlr Adds Support for SoundCloud, AudioBoo, MixCloud and Dropbox 

Mixlr, the company that brought the simplicity of web video streaming to audio, has just announced integration with the biggest audio sharing services on the web.

You'll now be able to export your captured live streams to SoundCloud, AudioBoo, MixCloud and Dropbox. (OK, Dropbox isn't just an audio sharing service, but being able to export to Dropbox makes for a nice, simple production workflow.)

I use Mixlr to occassionally live stream On Digital Media and I love it. It's as simple as loading up the Mixlr app, selecting the audio source and hitting the Broadcast button. Anyone visiting your mixlr page (mine is can listen to your live stream using the embedded Flash player.

My setup can be a bit complex as I will usually have a caller on Skype in addition to people in the studio, but it works. I don't store the audio at mixlr since we have our own podcast feed for distribution.

With that in mind, of all the new service integrations, I'll only use Dropbox to simplify my workflow. I don't see SoundCloud as viable podcasting solution due to costs, nor AudioBoo due to its short audio length. Mixcloud is nice, but I wouldn't use it as my primary distribution platform and uploading to mixcloud after the fact is just another step in my workflow.

Dropbox integration on the other hand, will be very useful. Being able to find my latest live episode in my Dropbox folder will make things just a little easier.

You can learn more about all the recently added features on the Mixlr blog.

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