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Today's Tweets

11:27pm, Feb 22
Development of Apple’s iPad Chip Estimated at $1B

11:18pm, Feb 22
Video Conferencing Coming to iPad and iPhone? [Surprised? Why?]

10:40pm, Feb 22
Google (Finally) Finishes Swallowing Up DoubleClick, Announces That It's Serious About Display

10:33pm, Feb 22
Virtual Goods Spending Behavior On Social Games

10:30pm, Feb 22
Free products for bloggers at invitation-only events

9:50pm, Feb 22
Danish newspaper fakes iPad on front page

9:50pm, Feb 22
Apple iPad: Hype Clouds Reality (@KaraSwisher)

9:45pm, Feb 22
Brilliant Switch Turns USB Cables Stupid

9:45pm, Feb 22
The Shortcut Back Into Her Heart [Culture]

9:40pm, Feb 22
The iPad Will Rule the World [Blockquote]

9:35pm, Feb 22
Macmillan's Future Of Textbooks Looks a Lot Like Wikipedia [Ebooks]

9:30pm, Feb 22
'Windows 7 Was My Idea, But to Be Fair, I Don't Know What I'm Talking About' [Humor]

9:25pm, Feb 22
Development of Apple’s iPad Chip Estimated at $1B

9:20pm, Feb 22
In the Future, One CF Card Will Hold 200 Years’ Worth of Porn

9:15pm, Feb 22
The Bloom Box: a power plant for the home (video)

9:10pm, Feb 22
Liquavista demos its color e-paper display with a new QWERTY-equipped dev kit (video) [eReaders]

9:05pm, Feb 22
GadgetTrak retrieves 95 percent of stolen laptops, puts RoboCop to shame (video)

9:00pm, Feb 22
Sony confirms plans for consumer-friendly 3D cameras [Why?]

8:55pm, Feb 22
T-Mobile Pulse Mini does cheap, tiny, prepaid Android for Europe

8:41pm, Feb 22
Wal-Mart buying Vudu streaming movie service? (update: yes!)

5:07pm, Feb 22
Annual Escalating Patent Fee Proposal

10:07am, Feb 22
I'm at SoundBoard Consulting Group.

9:45am, Feb 22
The Impending 3G Network Apocalypse [3G Wireless]

8:22am, Feb 22
Liked "New iPad news blog: Exploring the Apple iPad and Tablet Computing | The Magical Tablet"

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