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Today's Tweets

12:09am, Feb 21
@carter69 Mine will sleep as long as I do but I'm dog-sitting for my SIL's Springer Spaniel. He's SO high strung. Still a pup, really.

12:03am, Feb 21
I hope the dogs will sleep past 6am tomorrow morning. I should get myself to bed, just in case...

11:34pm, Feb 20
Incipio Cases for iPad (Gallery)

10:03pm, Feb 20
Study: Ages of social network users

10:00pm, Feb 20
Uncommon to Release Custom iPad Cases [Form Fitting iPad Case]

9:21pm, Feb 20
@shatch I had wheat-free pizza with sausage from Roman Gourmet. Again. ;)

9:17pm, Feb 20
Octazen: What The Heck Did Facebook Just Buy Exactly, And Why? (Be sure ot read the update, lower on the page)

8:51pm, Feb 20
Student-Built "Black Widow" Racer Gets 2,752 Miles Per Gallon [Automobiles]

8:48pm, Feb 20
Toyota commercial during olympics: "Meet the new Sienna on YouTube" [super]:

8:43pm, Feb 20
@shatch Get the Indigo burger with swiss, mushrooms and grilled onions! ;)

8:22pm, Feb 20
Doood. Bobsledding! ;)

8:07pm, Feb 20
@tekchic Yes, but it's like communicating with a high schooler! ;)

8:03pm, Feb 20
I find it funny that my wife finally has a full QWERTY keyboard (albeit on-screen) and she still sends email with SMS abbreviations.

7:54pm, Feb 20
@jgormlyjr I agree - iPad Pre-orders are likely rumor. Apple likes lines out the door during product launches - pre-orders inhibit that.

7:36pm, Feb 20
Just added the ConnectOne Wi-Reach Classic to @gdgt!

7:36pm, Feb 20
Just added ConnectOne to @gdgt!

7:31pm, Feb 20
Just added the Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX to my want list on @gdgt!

7:25pm, Feb 20
Just added the Nike Nike+ iPod Sport Kit to my have list on @gdgt!

6:46pm, Feb 20
Does anyone else feel like Gmail's spam filters have been overly aggressive lately? Lots of stuff getting caught that shouldn't.

4:11pm, Feb 20
(WOW - 3x Optical Zoom!) Samsung's HMX-U20 and HMX-U15 Camcorders Shoot 1080p On the Cheap [Camcorders]

4:04pm, Feb 20
Secrets Of Old Spice’s The Man Your Man Could Smell Like (Make sure you watch both videos)

3:47pm, Feb 20
Pre-Order Your iPad Next Week? [Rumor]

3:20pm, Feb 20
Olympic bullying drives goggle-maker to verse

3:15pm, Feb 20
FirstTake: Facebook PayPal Deal Spurs International Ad Sales

3:05pm, Feb 20
Sold! On2 Shareholders Agree to Get Googled, Finally. [UPDATE]

3:00pm, Feb 20
How The iPad Will Transform Mainstream Media (But NOT The Web)

2:58pm, Feb 20
RT @Genuine: Constant Contact now has a Wordpress plugin for your blog for your email marketing plans.

2:55pm, Feb 20
5 Terms That Signify The Future Of Mobile Marketing

2:50pm, Feb 20
E-book Tools Developer Vook Lands $2.5 Million [eBooks with Video]

2:45pm, Feb 20
Why Amazon Should Smile at Losing E-Book Market Share [Smaller Piece, Bigger Pie]

2:30pm, Feb 20
iPad Textbooks: Will Cool Tech Win on Campus?

2:17pm, Feb 20
SXSW Interactive Adds Last-Minute iPad Panel Discussion [SXSW]

1:57pm, Feb 20
QR-Code Generator

1:41pm, Feb 20
RT @DaveHamilton: Migrating the kids old windows machine over to the Mac with @vmwarefusion's migrator. Simple and elegant... I like it!

1:35pm, Feb 20
Sezmi Open For Business in L.A. [HomeEntertainment]

1:23pm, Feb 20
Vitrahaus: A Building With a View, and a View, and a View, and a View [Architecture]

1:18pm, Feb 20
Incoming College Freshman Get to Choose: MacBook or iPad? [Education]

12:13pm, Feb 20
RT @armano: IPhones are great weapons in the battle of poor retail customer service. They waste your time and you surf the web.

12:04pm, Feb 20
Setting Aviary Free [As in Beer]

11:34am, Feb 20
RT @pblackshaw: You know your a dad when GoGurt suddenly becomes your favorite snack. #proudpadre

11:33am, Feb 20
Ultimate Pocket Camcorder Comparison [Pocket Camcorders]

11:31am, Feb 20
HP V1020h Pocketcam Is Less Pricey Than Its Peers [Pocketcams]

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