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Today's Tweets

10:50pm, Feb 16
$1000 iPhone law exam review app sends traditional publisher running for cover

10:45pm, Feb 16
TUAW review: Create perfect self-portraits with Self Image

10:40pm, Feb 16
Gobandit GPS HD action camcorder captures your exploits, top speed (video)

10:22pm, Feb 16
Magazines Prepare for iPad: Challenged by Pricing, Customer Data [Magazines]

9:12pm, Feb 16
@caseyferrier Agreed, FB is huge for brands. Major shift for a brand to put media dollars behind a web destination that's not their own.

8:53pm, Feb 16
Just saw a commercial for Uniball pens. The featured URL? Their Facebook fan page - NOT their corporate home page. #marketing #socialmedia

8:42pm, Feb 16
TUAW Gives Their Impressions of an iPad…Mockup

8:26pm, Feb 16
There’s a Map for That Guy (Video) [Humor]

7:55pm, Feb 16
First study of mummy DNA leads to all sorts of discoveries

7:52pm, Feb 16
Trash-talking your high school teacher on Facebook is constitutionally protected speech

7:48pm, Feb 16
Yoga to reduce prison sentences

7:20pm, Feb 16
@mrosone has joined twitter! Make him feel welcome.

5:31pm, Feb 16
Sleep Talkin' Man shares his somniloquies

4:34pm, Feb 16@gkrue
Unfortunately, they haven't perfected the "Business End" of the Cocker Spaniel 9000. ;)

4:26pm, Feb 16
@gkrue Haven't you ever seen the Cocker Spaniel 9000? Behaves just like the real thing. ;)

4:13pm, Feb 16
My current working environment. That's not a pillow.

4:10pm, Feb 16
RT @stevegarfield: Heather Armstrong @dooce Signs on at HGTV Congrats!

4:09pm, Feb 16
RT @mediatrustpete: RT @newmediageek In 2009, Digital #Coupon Growth Outpaces free standing inserts: #marketing

4:08pm, Feb 16
@billpalmer It can't beat the post-CES flu. ;) Hang in there!

3:56pm, Feb 16
RT @jabancroft: Meebo. It's free, multi-platform IM, stays logged in, uses push notifications, and works flawlessly. Get it. Now.

3:37pm, Feb 16
All the Smartphone OSes: A Beginners' Guide [Smartphones]

2:50pm, Feb 16
RIM demos new WebKit-based BlackBerry browser at MWC -- it's fast! -- Engadget

2:45pm, Feb 16
Sony Dash given ability to stream TVs and movies from Netflix, new lease on life

2:44pm, Feb 16
Sleuthing uncovers the mystery of Kingston MicroSD cards' crappy QA

2:44pm, Feb 16
A Millennium Falcon that Actually Flies - RC Millennium Falcon [Must. Have.]

2:36pm, Feb 16
Verizon to allow unlimited Skype calling over 3G starting next month

2:35pm, Feb 16
Macworld 2010: Fastmac's USB-enabled wall outlet

2:18pm, Feb 16
TUAW Gives Their Impressions of an iPad…Mockup

1:58pm, Feb 16
Nuance acquires MacSpeech

1:01pm, Feb 16
TSA forces travelling policeman to remove his disabled four-year-old son's leg-braces

11:29am, Feb 16
Dopio! — at Village Coffee Company

10:58am, Feb 16
RT @technosailor: BuddyPress 1.2 is out. And works on single installs of WordPress for the first time

10:40am, Feb 16
My housemates this week

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