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Today's Tweets

10:54pm, Feb 15
Article: Bait-and-Switch Apps: The Dark Side of In-App Purchasing
10:53pm, Feb 15
Steve Jobs: The Authorized Biography Coming to iBooks (and Other Fine Establishments) [Steve Jobs]
10:50pm, Feb 15
Apple iBooks To Be Wrapped in FairPlay DRM [eBooks]
10:13pm, Feb 15
iKit Announces Leather Sleeve Case for iPad [iPad Cases]
9:47pm, Feb 15
Tablets: How Big is Big Enough? [Displays]
9:19pm, Feb 15
Both dogs want to be near me, so I'm writing from the couch. They're so close I can barely type. 7 days of this? Good thing I love them. ;)
8:20pm, Feb 15 from FriendFeed
Amazon/Macmillan: Price discrimination and demand elasticity
8:15pm, Feb 15 from FriendFeed
Google stands by Apple as a 'valuable partner'
8:13pm, Feb 15 from FriendFeed
Microsoft Zune music / video services going wherever Windows Phone 7 Series goes
7:10pm, Feb 15
Great Sexts Through History [Humor]
7:05pm, Feb 15
Is Apple Banning iPhone Hackers? [IPhone]
7:00pm, Feb 15
An Epic 22-Minute Walkthrough of Windows Phone 7 [Windows Phone 7]
6:55pm, Feb 15
Windows Phone 7 Interface: Microsoft Has Out-Appled Apple [UI Design]
6:44pm, Feb 15
Opera Mini for iPhone is Fast Like a Rocket
6:30pm, Feb 15 from Brightkite
I'm at Maplewood, NJ 07040, USA -
6:29pm, Feb 15
Will You JooJoo? [Web Tablets]
5:37pm, Feb 15
LG Launching a Product to “Compete with Apple and Amazon” [eReaders and such]
5:09pm, Feb 15
I have a house guest this week: my SIL's Springer Spaniel who is a bundle of energy. Lucy is not happy with the competition. #dogs
3:27pm, Feb 15
iPhone OS 3.2 Apps Hit the App Store – Should You Upgrade? [iPad Apps]
10:01am, Feb 15 from Tweetie
@laurencanning Welcome back! Yes, let's talk tomorrow.
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10:00am, Feb 15 from Tweetie
At the theater for a movie fundraiser for the PTA.
9:59am, Feb 15 from Gowalla
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs — at Clearview Cinema
9:24am, Feb 15 from Tweetie
@laurencanning You're back? Or are you tweeting from Hawaii?
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9:13am, Feb 15 from FriendFeed
Apple locks down iPhone trademark, includes 'electronic games' category
9:11am, Feb 15 from FriendFeed
MeeGo: Nokia and Intel merge Maemo and Moblin
9:11am, Feb 15 from FriendFeed
Bug Labs intros BUG 2.0 platform with faster processor, Android support
9:11am, Feb 15 from FriendFeed
Adobe brings AIR to Android, promises Flash 10.1 in the first half of the year
9:10am, Feb 15 from FriendFeed
Windows Phone 7 Series is official, and Microsoft is playing to win
9:06am, Feb 15 from FriendFeed
USA Today to Require Employees Take Week of Unpaid Leave
9:04am, Feb 15 from FriendFeed
Broke-ass Washington state set to give MSFT $100M annual tax cut and amnesty for $1B in evasion
7:52am, Feb 15 from Tweetie
Dear Abe & George. I'm sorry they consolidiated your birthdays in the name of productivity. I still believe. Peace. #presidentsday

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