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iPhone 3G, Day 5: Soho Store

John Federico

I thought I would stop at The Apple Store in Soho on my way to the office today to get an iPhone 3G. I thought that the lines would have subsided by now. I thought, surely, all the Apple Fanboys (and girls) would have gotten their fix by now.

My thoughts were wrong.

The store opens at 9 AM. This was the line at 9:15 AM.

They had to separate it into two segments so as not to block an active alleyway. They estimated a five hour wait time.

Maybe I'll get one next week. (Or the week after...)

UPDATE: As of 1:00 PM, the line was the same length, if not longer. Apple provided umbrellas to folks who weren't lucky enough to be shaded by the building.

UPDATE 2: As of 5:00 PM, the line was down to about a three hour wait time.

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