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Getting a Jump on the Flood of iPhone Apps


As the executive producer of On Digital Media, I get a lot of press releases and general product and service pitches from PR folks. In this morning's batch I received one that caught my attention, not because the product wowwed me, but because of it's timing.

On Monday, June 9th, there will be a SteveNote at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference where, presumably, Steve will demo and announce the availability of a few new products and services. One service that we're sure will be announced is the general availability of the App Store, Apple's software store for the iPhone that allows third-party developers to sell iPhone applications to corporations and consumers.

Immediately after the SteveNote, there will be a torrent of new iPhone applications of all types, some free, some for a fee but all of them competing for attention.

Back to the press release I received today.

The release was from a company that was announcing general availability of its software for the iPhone in advance of Apple's formal opening of the App Store. It's available for free from their web site - right now - but if you read the fine print in the installation instructions, it requires a jailbroken iPhone.

Why announce a product for a small number of people who may have unlocked their iPhones? I would speculate that this company is already developing a formal, Apple-approved iPhone application that they hope to sell in the App Store.

The press release says:

We are thrilled that Apple is opening up the iPhone and we look forward to taking part in future application development.

More importantly, I would also speculate that this company is trying to create some awareness and brand recognition for its product before the bazillion iPhone applications are announced over the next few weeks.

It's not necessarily a bad strategy. (Although spamming my inbox with a press release is...) I may or may not use the product, but at least I'll remember it.

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