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Services for Urban Living


A couple of new services I noticed while running to Starbucks for my afternoon espresso.

My Fresh Shirt ( is billed as "Your Online Dry Cleaners." (If it were truly my online dry cleaners, I would be able to upload my dirty shirts and download them when they were clean. But I digress...) That said, the company uses their web site extensively for scheduling pick up and delivery times.

Their marketing communications focuses a lot on being Green and caring for the environment, but when you factor in the gasonline powered delivery trucks, it seems a bit of a hollow claim.

The Pet Chauffeur is a transportation service for pets. No, I'm not making this up.

We know that pets are a beloved part of your family. And you won't settle for anything but the best when it comes to your family. Let Pet Chauffeur help you handle all types of pet transport – when you don't have a vehicle available, for emergencies, transporting your pet to shows, the groomer, the vet – even driving your pet cross country!

They provide more than just transportation - they also provide a full line of food, toys and grooming supplies to keep Fido (or Flipper) fed and happy.

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