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Seidio customer service is as good as their cases

John Federico


When I got my iPhone, I immediately went to the Seidio web site to purchase one of their rubberized cases and matching holster.

This would be the third such case I'd purchased from Seidio, the others being for my Palm Treo 755p and my BlackBerry 8830.

I bought the innocase bundle with black case and matching holster.

After little more than a month, the rubberized coating began to peel off the case. I was certain I had received a defective case since my others were in great condition for years.

I reached out to Seidio customer support via their support page and received an RMA almost immediately. It took about 10 days to get a new one, but they were very accommodating and delivered the replacement without questions.

Thanks, Seidio.

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