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Road Warrior Notes: Keep your lap cool with a MacBook Screen Protector

John Federico

Yes, I know that the new MacBooks are supposed to have a recessed keyboard to protect the screen from being marred by dirt on the keyboard, but old habits die hard.

Awhile back I purchased a Marware Protection Pack for my MacBook, primarily for the wrist protectors. (The original white MacBooks can get pretty gnarly if you don't keep your hands clean.


I found a new use for the keyboard cover today: heat protection.

Since the processor is located to the left of the trackpad on the underside of the machine, that section can get pretty hot and without a lapdesk, you can end up with huevos rancheros.

Simple solution: fold up that screen protector and prop up the MacBook with it. It's still a bit warm and doesn't provide any protection your "boys", but at least you won't end up with second degree burns on your leg.

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