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Playing with my Acer Aspire One

My Acer Aspire One netbook arrived from Amazon today. I'm quite impressed. It worked beautifully out of the box. After about 30 minutes, I had Skype installed and was making video calls, had set up the advanced mode for quick-launching applications, installed Pidgin for AIM access, etc.

I just installed the ScribeFire blogging add-on for FireFox and am writing this post.

Not surprisingly, my relatively small hands work fine on this thing. The trackpad takes a bit to get used to as Acer decided to put the buttons on the left and right of the trackpad instead of the bottom, but I'm using my wireless notebook mouse with it for now to ease the pain.

All I want now is a twitter client. If I can get Adobe AIR installed, I'll run Tweetdeck.

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