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Real World Green

John Federico

Eric Rochow, host and producer of, is now producing Real World Green, "an internet video show about practical things we can do to help lower our impact on the earth."

The key word for me in that description is practical. I continually consume information about global warming, greenhouse gases and all the other buzzword-compliant environmental topics but hardly any of them tell me what I can do now - today - to really make a difference without my having to do my own research.

That's why I like this show. Each episode (well, there's only one, so far ;) ) will provide a simple tip for helping you "go green" (or at least be green-er).

The first episode explains how you can use Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs) to reduce your electricity usage, produce fewer greenhouse gases and reduce the amount of mercury that is a byproduct of your power consumption.

Thanks to Real World Green, my wife and I just bought a four-pack of CFLs at Home Depot for our porch lights. From now on each time a bulb dies in our house we're going to replace it with a CFL. How cool is that? Check it out below and at

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