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HD: The TV is only the Beginning

Uh oh. My wife's not gonna be happy about this. ;)

A Columnist Finally Takes the HDTV Plunge, Unleashing a Tidal Wave of Other Purchases

...if my [Sony] Bravia were a shark, I'd supplied a bunch of remoras as I decided various TV peripherals were no longer up to snuff. I'd known that would happen, but it was still amusing watching it occur. First I concluded that our DVD player wouldn't cut it, and we needed an upcoverting DVD player. ... And I needed a new cable box, obtained after a brief wait in line at the cable-company office.


[tags]HDTV, High Definition Television, Westinghouse LVM-37w3, Westinghouse, LCD, Gadgets, Televisions, WSJ, Wall Street Journal, Jason Fry, Sony Bravia, TiVo, Upscaling DVD Player, Oppo DV-970HD[/tags]

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