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Parent Hack: Snap Camera Phone Picks while Traveling

John Federico

This weekend my wife and I took my 4-yr old son and his 3-yr old friend to the American Museum of Natural History in NYC. It's crazy, a madhouse. There are thousands of people walking around the exhibitions and it's easy for anyone to get lost in the shuffle, especially a child.

I always carry a photo of my son in my wallet to show him off to people, but also in case he gets lost - I can show it to anyone who would help me look for him. I realized that I didn't have a photo of of his friend with me, so I snapped camera phone pics of both of them. Then, it dawned on me: the picture of my son in my wallet is months old - his hair is longer, he's wearing different clothes, etc. He might not be easily identified from that picture.

So now, whenever we go to a public place like that, I will snap a camera phone picture of him. This way, in case of anything, I will have the most recent photo available, right down to the clothes he's wearing and the length of his hair.

Hopefully I will never need to use this tip, nor will you.

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