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Helicopter Parents

Well-meaning "helicopter parents" are creating issues for HR professionals, who say they are running into situations in which a job candidate shows up for an interview accompanied by a parent who tries to sit in on the process or places follow-up calls to find out why their child wasn't selected.

Source: Workforce Management | 3.6.07

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Reader Comments (1)

It's a real sad pattern, it shouldn't be an issue at all for HR, they should simply state that unless the applicant him/herself is permitted to sit during "their" job interview, or call. Another sad a issue is also, parents calling in sick for their sons or daughters, or parents calling the sons or daughters supervisor to discuss an problem that their son or daughter is having at the workplace. Another bad one is also is when parents stop by an office asking if their hiring on behalf of their daughter/son. It's PATHETIC, I'm 27 and I see this taking place with people of my age group!!! grow up

April 5, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterJoel

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