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New Podcast Workflow Challenge: Channel Separation

John Federico

For simple, portable, one-on-one interview recording I'm using an Olympus DS-30 (on the highest quality setting) coupled with a stereo cardioid condenser mic from Giant Squid Audio Lab.

I used this gear for my interview with Mike Shehan in Episode #32 of ODM.

The double-headed mic allows me to record one voice on each channel, effectively giving me two-track recording capabilities in a device about the size of a 1st Gen iPod Shuffle.

The combination works great and the small size enables me to carry it all the time, just in case an opportunity presents itself.

I discovered that my audio sounds much better if I eliminate channel bleeding (natch). Right now, I'm doing this manually in Garageband. (Click the image to enlarge.)

Notice how I drop out my audio track when the interviewee speaks and vice versa. It sounds a lot better when I do this, but the process is all done manually - this short interview took me an hour to complete in post production.

Is there an automated solution for this? Any advice is appreciated.

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