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Fission Debuts in my Podcast Workflow

John Federico

When Rogue Amoeba released Fission 1.0 in late 2006, it just didn't suit my needs. Some of that was based on the way that Apple's Garageband handled exports at that time and some was based on Fission itself.

Thanks to Garageband's ability to export to high-quality AIFF (if you "Send to iTunes") and the feature upgrades in version 1.5, it's now taken a place in my podcast workflow. Audacity is a fine product (you can't beat the price) but I really wanted an audio editor that was designed and built for OS X that wouldn't break the bank.

Now I have one. (And for only $18, too.)


I already own a license for Audio HiJack Pro. All registered users of AHJP can receive a $14 coupon toward the purchase of Fission 1.5. If you already own AHJP, then you've got to explore Fission.

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