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Hear This: On Digital Media, Episode #31: Game Changers

In this episode John Federico, Ken Gellman and Steve Hatch discuss the numerous "game changers" that have occurred in the passed week. They include:

  • Google Buys Doubleclick. What does it mean for marketers, media companies and consumers?

  • Google will begin selling ad inventory on 675 ClearChannel radio stations nationwide.

  • Verizon Wireless/AT&T Wireless have begun offering unlimited SMS and MMS messaging while Verizon is also offering unlimited vCast mutlimedia content subscription plans.

  • Microsoft has released the Silverlight video player which will allow for the delivery of HD content to the PC and Mac platforms as well as the IE, FireFox and Safari browsers.

  • Adobe has released a video player that will allow Flash videos to be played offline...and consumption measured.

  • Will Adobe become an aggregator of consumption data? Who would be best able to crunch that data into something useful? Google? The theories are flying in this episode...

Our wine selection was a 2004 Cabernet from Juan Gil.

Our closing music is Democracy from Alexander Blu.

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