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After being told months ago that it was available in my county, I'm still waiting for Verizon FIOS service. The FIOS web site continually indicates that I'm not eligible based on the phone number I input.

Last week I learned from neighbors across the street that their house is eligible for FIOS service.

Our homes are less than 100 feet from each other and our phone service comes off the same pole! So earlier today, I placed a call into Verizon. They're going to "put in an engineering request" to have someone look at the location and get back to me.

As is typical with a monopoly, the customer service is oh-so-responsive: they could let me know in two to three days or two to three weeks if I'm eligible. The nice lady on the phone said, "I never know how long it will take."

I've waited this long, so what's another 3 weeks...

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