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EMI-Apple to Sell non-DRM Tracks from iTMS

John Federico

This is such big news that I can't just lazy blog it in

Apple and EMI are going to be selling tracks without DRM in the iTunes Music Store beginning in May. Here's what we know:

  • Tracks will be 256 kbps AAC (buy a bigger iPod)
  • They will cost $1.29 per track
  • Album prices will remain the same (Music industry gets what it wants - full album sales)
  • If you've already purchased an EMI artist in the Fairplay DRM, you can purchase the non-DRM version for 30 cents per track
  • Steve Jobs says that he expects 50% of of all their tracks sold this year to be without DRM
We'll hash this out on this week's episode of ODM. Stay tuned.

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