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Finally. Someone agrees with me about Gmail and Mobile Devices

John Federico

Apparently, Jason Calacanis has the same thought about using Gmail with his Blackberry. (Although in my case, it's with just about any portable device including the Treo and Moto Q...)

Can someone from Google explain to me why GMail and a Blackberry suck so much when you put them together!?!?!

It seems like pulling GMAIL via POP setting from GMAIL/Google Apps (which I just paid for) results in inconsistency, lost mail, and delays. Forwarding from GMAIL seems slightly better, but still slow and painful.

Blackberry users represent the top 2% of all email users (I made the % up)... if you can't make Blackberry and GMAIL work together you got a huge problem.

If you can't get Google Apps GMAIL for $50 a year to work well with Blackberry you've got A HUGE SHOW-STOPPING problem. At this point if I can't get my GMAIL in Google Apps to work with my Blackberry I'm gonna have to cancel my account. I can't live without instant email.

Jason's full post is here.

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