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On Digital Media, The Purple Chair and Meals vs. Snacks

March 15th, 2007. Studio 1A. Myself and two co-hosts of On Digital Media recording Episode #27.

Our guest in The Purple Chair was Mr. John C. Havens, the Guide to Podcasting, principal of Podcast Vision and Voice and Organizer of Podcamp NYC. (Of which On Digital Media is a Platinum Sponsor.)

Rather than recording our guest via Skype or Gizmo, we had the distinct pleasure of having John in Studio 1A this week. Guests always get The Purple Chair which is a half-height child's chair from my son's play set in our kitchen. (We have a lack of seating in Studio 1A, so my son makes his contribution to the cause.)

We enjoyed having John on the show and, given that he and I live in the same town, intend to have him back some time after Podcamp NYC.

Apparently, John enjoyed himself and the time we spent discussing the world of digital media. He thinks it's "a meal worth savoring," not a snack as is becoming typical in The Snack Culture of digital media. Thanks, John. That means a lot to us.

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