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Looking for a flash memory camcorder

John Federico

I'm looking for a flash-based camcorder primarily to be used for vlogging. I have a bunch of events coming up and I'd really like to be able to just whip out a camera and shoot video rather than audio only.

I just made an offer on an off-brand (Silicon Valley Peripherals?) 480p camcorder on eBay. After more thought, I probably should have confirmed that it has an audio-in jack.

It's not the 720p quality I was looking for, but the only flash memory 720p camcorder I could find is the Sanyo Xacti and it didn't get the best reviews. Granted, at least the Xacti has an optical zoom...

UPDATE: Apparently, I didn't look hard enough. Samsung has a a couple of 720p flash memory camcorders.

UPDATE 2: My bid was accepted. Crap. I have to buy it or my feedback rating will get dinged. I could have had a 10x Optical Zoom from Samsung for $70 more. I think I'll try to sell it unopened on eBay and buy the Samsung...

[tags]Camcorder, High Definition Video, 480p, Sanyo Xacti, Video, Silicon Valley Peripherals, vlogging, Cameras[/tags]