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The Anderson Switch

Chris Anderson, journalist and author of The Long Tail, proposes something we should all consider:

I propose that things that are paid will become free and vice versa. So music and books and other media are turning from paid products to free marketing, while free-to-air video and radio become a subscription or on-demand product for a fee.

Even if it's complete bunk and potentially linkbait, going through the exercise of exploring your business within these constraints may produce some interesting new ideas.

If you work in media - digital or traditional - how would you rethink your business?

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Reader Comments (1)

break down the silo's baby - get rid of the distinction between traditional and digital - for media, its all one thing now, make sure it'll work in every format and on ever channel, get on the bus or walk in the other direction ;)

February 8, 2007 | Unregistered Commentermike dunn

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