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The Ultra Extended Battery: Because your Treo isn't big enough already...

John Federico

Treonauts has begun selling the Ultra Extended Battery from Seidio for the Treo 700 and now the 650.

As if the Treo didn't already need to go on a diet, Seidio decided to give it a few more inches around the waist.

Granted, it provides 77% more power than the standard Treo battery but if you need more power, you can get it from the Seidio Extended Battery without the extra bulk. (Only 33% more than the standard Treo battery, though.)

Me? I have two Seidio Extended Batteries that I swap in and out when I need some more juice.

That said, I've been using a Moto Q for the past few weeks. I think I may have a big announcement soon... ;)

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