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Texting for my Dinner

John Federico

Recently, Papa John's Pizza announced that they've now gone beyond online ordering and have added the ability to use SMS to order your favorite cheesy delights.

In addition to registering my mobile number with them, I had to complete their setup process which was as simple as defining my favorite order ("FAV1", but you can have up to four), my preferred method of payment (Credit Card), my preferred delivery address (my home) and my (optional) preferred tipping method (Credit Card).

After completing the setup process, I decided to give it a shot.

I entered "4PAPA" (47272) into the SMS application on my Treo. The transcript follows.


Me: FAV 1
47272: Reply Y1 to confirm order of FAV1:
Large Thin Crust 2-Topping Pizza (Onions, Black Olives)
Me: Y1
47272: Thank you for your order #1230/0078.
FAV1 will be delivered in approx. 30-40 minutes.
Your local Papa John's phone#: (973)761-6060. Enjoy your pizza!

It worked so well, I even added 4PAPA to my address book for easy access. I love progress. Onward...

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